500 Million Mining Reward

Target: € 61

Total Gulden received after block validation:
Ġ 8,477 (show transactions)

Status: Completed

Be a Winner!

We are approaching a new milestone for the Gulden Blockchain. Soon the 500st million Gulden will be mined. Eventually there will be not more than 1650 million Gulden. With on average one block in every 150 seconds it will take approx. another 50 years to mine the rest. As we do not want to wait until those days, GuldenBites decided to a party now!

We asked the community to help donate for a nice BIG FAT REWARD for the one miner that mines the 500'000'000 Gulden, and of course, also the Witness for that block is not to be left out. We calculated that the winning block is nummer 1048330. Who ever mines and witnesses that block will win the pot. We will split it evenly between the two.

How to win?

Mining Gulden is very very easy. Just download the desktop wallet, create a mining account in the wallet and hit the mining button. Same goes for witnessing, although for that you need at least to lock 5000 Gulden to be able to start.

Have fun! Your GuldenBites Team.

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